A new collaboration and all you need to know about double galloon lace

With a love of fabric that cannot be cured, it made sense to join forces with a company whose love of fabrics probably runs deeper than mine, CSF online a company I have been using for over twenty years. It made sense to pool our expertise, knowledge, and resources to showcase what can be made and to bring to you an insight into buying the correct fabric for your designs, as buying online can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

So first up we look at the versatile double galloon.

Whether you're a seasoned designer or an aspiring enthusiast, this beautiful fabric is sure to ignite and inspire your creativity. Double galloon is so versatile that it is one of the first fabrics I turn to when designing. Double galloon can come in different guises which include stretch lace, rigid lace, and embroidered tulle lace.

So what is a double galloon?

It is a fabric which comes in various widths usually from 12cm to 35cm which has finished and curved edges with various patterns some intricate, some simple but most a mesmerising symphony of designs, be that floral or geometric in the centre of the fabric. As the edges are decorative it is perfect to use in lingerie design as you can use the edge of the fabrics for top of cups, placements on briefs and because it isn’t as wide as meterage of fabric it means you don’t waste loads of the fabric by just using the edges.

Galloon lace can come in various designs, a double galloon is where you have the ability to cut down the centre of the fabric horizontally (so in the same direction as the edge) and the top and bottom of the fabric is exactly the same, it is a mirrored version of each other which makes it perfect for using for the left and right of the bra cup.

The double galloon I used was a magnificent embroidered tulle, echoing sea like qualities but with a touch of glamour and femininity, I chose to keep the design simple and let the fabric stand alone without bombarding the design with too much colour. The great thing about tulle fabric is you get to keep the lightweight nature of it, without having to line it. In the structure of the fabric it has the strength for support but looks delicate so allows you to design for the bigger cup (both bras are 30E) which can be problematic for support if you don’t use the correct type of fabric.

The embroidery has a slight shine to it, so I paired the brief and soft bra with Boselli satin and shiny bra straps to echo this throughout the design. I wanted a tiny bit of colour so chose 3mm bows, blue seemed a too obvious choice so it was a choice between burgundy and army green, and burgundy won.

This fabric is perfect for your bra sewing pattern that states non-stretch, if you are just starting out sewing lingerie and wish to use a double galloon I can recommend starting out with one (like shown) that has a low scallop as this will help when you join the scallops together when sewing, there is nothing worse than not realising you’ve got a low scallop meeting up with a high part of the scallop.

For those who wish to shop for any parts of the bra then I you can head here:

Double galloon


Mesh used for back of briefs

Mesh used for wings





I could wax lyrical about fabrics all day so any questions please do get in touch.

If you use this fabric to make your own style of luxury lingerie I would love to see your designs.

Written by Laurie van Jonsson from 'van Jonsson design'